Dead island summary and hints and tips

16 Oct

Dead island is the best game for PS3 here is some things you need to know to master the game with these hints tips and summary’s you will surly complete it. To even start start the game you need weapons without weapons you will die without even moving so find the paddle in the small bungalow it is easy when you complete the first part then the lifeguard will say to go to the lifeguard station to get his card when you complete that mission all the survives will come in a car but to be able to drive the car in the game you will have to find the car parts for the guy to fix the car so its better to have a car so you can kill them all that mission is rated easy. then just go around the lifeguard station and help the survives with there problems some are hard some are medium and some are hard.

wait till my next part to find out what is next.


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