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how to be a cool sci-fi artist

17 Oct

1. Know what you want to draw

2. have the right equipment

3.practice on scrap paper

4.start drawing only if your ready draw aliens if you are new to art but aliens are easy challenge yourself as you get better and before you know it you are master of art.Image 

Dead island hints and tips part 2

17 Oct

so we got up to missions then we need to talk about weapons or you will die so here is what you need a weapon in your inventory it will have a color on each weapon i cant remember the colors but i do know there are common rare and ultra special lets say we prefer rare or ultra special to smash some skulls so did you know how to mod your weapons well if you have a baseball bat and some nails you can go to a work bench and make a bat with nails and they cause cool bleeding effects all the other weapon rules are in the rule book witch is inside the dead island case.

So now i told you enough to master some cool things if you want to know more contact me.