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Liebster award

23 Oct

Hello every body i have been awarded the liebster award by thegrinningskull

1. If you could only have 3 items during a zombie apocolypse, what would they be, and why?

2. Your fave movie

3. Which celebrity do you admire the most?

4. Your least liked food and why?

5. VHS or DVD?

6. DC or Marvel?, and why?

7. Wars or Trek? and why?

8. Your thoughts on freedom of speech?

9. What offends you the most?

10. Your thoughts on Creationism

11. What’s your best loved nostalgic Kids TV show and why?

these are the answers for the questions

1.chainsaw,attom bomb,t rex

2.Star wars

3,Seth McFarland

4,parma ham from spain


6, Marvel because i like spider man Thore and hulk they are good characters in action .

7,star wars because it is more realistic.

8.I would stop aliens taking over.

9,scams and pop ups on the internet

10,The bible is just a story,

11,the wiggles because i always danced to there music.


I would like to give thanks to thegrinningskull for this amazing award.