haunted mirror

25 Mar

sorry i have not posted much i was in hospital so i could not do much about it so i am know going to do more post around the week so stay tuned well i have been thinking about ghosts this week i had the most dreadful dream that my mirror in my room was haunted i was scared in the morning i stared into my mirror there was nothing there i was relieved  so it was a dream.


Video game news

10 Feb

hi fans i have been looking at resistance 3 i have completed the hole game and have got some breaking news 

If it’s true that a shooter is only as good as its weapons, Resistance: Burning Skies is shaping up to be a delight indeed. Take the Mule, a new double-barreled shotgun that dishes out devastating buckshot blasts and launches explosive bolts via its over-barrel crossbow. Or the ever-popular Auger, whose projectiles hungrily chew through walls to seek out warm flesh. But my favorite gun so far is the lethal Hunter rifle, a long-range Chimeran burst-fire weapon with the ability to deploy an attack drone that you can guide towards your multiplayer foes with taps on the front touchscreen — tres sophisticated!

Playing a series of Wifi multiplayer matches in Resistance: Burning Skies in New York City last week was a valuable reminder that shooting ultra-powerful weapons just feels good man. In an era of multiplayer games that arguably sport too-fussy weapon balancing, unloading with Burning Skies’ unapologetically brutal arsenal was an intoxicating experience that streamlined the action and reminded me of the good old days of Doom and Quake. Despite their immense power, the arsenal is properly tuned for multiplayer balance — the face-melting Hunter rifle boasts a pokier fire rate and reload time, for instance.


Another interesting touch is how each weapon’s secondary fire makes use of PS Vita’s front touchscreen, whether it’s tapping an enemy in order to fire the Bullseye’s homing tag, swiping from top to bottom to load the Mule’s crossbow bolt, or making a stretching motion with your thumbs to “draw” the Auger’s protective shield. Burning Skies makes use of PS Vita’s rear touchscreen as well, with a rear double-tap triggering the all-important run like hell maneuver.

The final game will include six multiplayer maps, but I was only able to try one — a claustrophobic urban map set in and around a crumbling New York City apartment complex. This intimate, atmospheric map was a good fit for Burning Skies’ potent arsenal, making the encounters feel more urgent and high-stakes. The multiplayer war raged through dimly lit stairwells, cluttered rooftops, and a dangerously exposed city street. When the smoke cleared, I stood tall…with a second-place finish. Not bad! Winning multiplayer matches nets you XP that you can cash in to purchase new weapons and mods. 

this news was from my resistance at http://www.myresistance.net/

whats your tag comic

7 Feb

check out thisFellowship with Benefits cool comic from whats your tag here is the link 

whats your tag 

Max is Saville

21 Jan

Popular kids show tweenies have had 216 complaints that max was dressed as Jimmie Saville and had all his DJ catch frases mums were shocked about it well it was not TV’s fault it was made before people new about the sick side of Jimmie.

buy real marketing

14 Jan

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zombie game

17 Nov

me and my dad has made a city board where we can play zombie games these are the pictures of a game

if you like what you see there is more in my gallery.


14 Nov


The Daily wars

8 Nov

This is my first article paper on sci-fi wars an all different sci-fi stuff like star wars an and Doctor who and the rest well there is a Lego star wars movie on cartoon network and if you are a big Doctor who fan like me you mite be interested in the new doctor who encyclopedia it has all you need to know about doctor who and it cost 10 pound at WHSmiths.




Lego Star Wars (video game series)

Lego Star Wars (video game series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 The big event in Sheffield called triples 2012 was the best ever 100s of stalls all different miniatures company’s very cheap it even had a miniatures sell and buy shop even games workshop was there with warhammer 40k  absolutly loads of people there.
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liebster award announcement

5 Nov

Hello bloggers i have chosen the three people who i think deserved this award so these listed below are the chosen ones.


1. whoisDhillon because i enjoy reading his posts

2. whatsyourtag because he is funny

3. hero complex because i like his interesting points


so i want these winners to answer these 5 questions.

1. do you like sci-fi?

2.do you believe in the Apocalypse?

3. what is your favorite weapon?

4.do you like my site?

5.do you believe in ufos?



Derren Browns Apocalypse

26 Oct

Derren Brown has made a 21 year old boy try to survive a fake Apocalypse so he can see how valuable is his life is the boy met a little girl in the hospital and are trying to survive it together the boy is trying to find his brother and the girl is trying to find her mother they are being chased by actors pretending to be zombies very good i think here is a video of it.