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Star Wars Rebels

26 Jan

Hay guys a new animated series of star wars is due to come out in fall 2014 i am looking forward to it it will be on Disney XD all over the country that’s all i know but i found a video for you guys to watch so enjoy.

Pretty cool huh well guys if you know any more on it please let me know in the comments below and i will feature them in further posts and put your name on it so hurry because i can’t wait so anyway thnx for listening William Out.

The Daily wars

8 Nov

This is my first article paper on sci-fi wars an all different sci-fi stuff like star wars an and Doctor who and the rest well there is a Lego star wars movie on cartoon network and if you are a big Doctor who fan like me you mite be interested in the new doctor who encyclopedia it has all you need to know about doctor who and it cost 10 pound at WHSmiths.




Lego Star Wars (video game series)

Lego Star Wars (video game series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 The big event in Sheffield called triples 2012 was the best ever 100s of stalls all different miniatures company’s very cheap it even had a miniatures sell and buy shop even games workshop was there with warhammer 40k  absolutly loads of people there.
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