Hay guyss

5 Apr

Sorry i haven’t posted in a long time i have done this because i have been busy with rel life and my studies at school and so i will try to post when i can my main post today is more of a self promotion so basically i have started my own gaming commentary channel i also do gaming news so please check it out here is my latest video also a link to my chnnel so i would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out and subscribe it would help my out greatly thank you guys for reading



14 Jul

Hay guys sorry I have been off for a while I have been busy in school exams and stuff but now I will be back to post more posts to keep you happy I hope you are happy to see me active again thanx

31 Jan

Yo guys any news please state in the comments .

Star Wars Rebels

26 Jan

Hay guys a new animated series of star wars is due to come out in fall 2014 i am looking forward to it it will be on Disney XD all over the country that’s all i know but i found a video for you guys to watch so enjoy.

Pretty cool huh well guys if you know any more on it please let me know in the comments below and i will feature them in further posts and put your name on it so hurry because i can’t wait so anyway thnx for listening William Out.

Hi guys

26 Jan

Hay guys sorry i was not on for a while i was busy well i am back and i will be on allot more so lets get to work i will tell you the latest sci-fi story’s.


new film releases

5 Jun


guys i just want let you guys see the new movies this year some might seem in feb but still there ok and it goes newer every time a film appears so i thought it would allow people to see latest films and listen to music at the same time.


5 Jun

right guys here is the thing i want to add some stuff to this blog so i would like a vote on what i should do so i would appreciate if you vote on this poll and the winning vote i will do so yeah.

oh bye the way i was thinking if anyone would like to give me ideas of blog videos i could do

so keep blogging  😀


stone age of the dead

26 May

right guys get this i was talking to ma dad earlyer and he told me that there could of been zombies in the stone age because apparently people found bodies with there heads bashed in but guess what they where dead befor ther heads got bashed so cavemen might of fought the bodies would come to life and kill them so yeah there was a possibility of that being true so what do you think comment on what you think bellow the post thnx for reading and if you have any news about zombies tell me and i will put a post post on it.


1 Apr

I BET evryone thought i was not doing this but i am well i have been searching youtube for an interview  for the new ps4 i found one and here it is


haunted mirror part 2

25 Mar

a bit like that but different and scarier.